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Buying with Express

Agreement to hire

Express Real Estate Group

to help you BUY a home

Buyer Representation Agreement


___________________________ Today’s date.


Agency Disclosure: Express Real Estate Group is acting as the exclusive agent of the Buyers listed below. If Express Real Estate Group represents both buyer and seller then a Dual Agency Agreement will be signed.






Beginning today. Buyer(s) listed above agree to work exclusively with Express Real Estate Group to find and purchase a home. Express Real Estate Group agrees to assist buyer in any manner possible or necessary to find and purchase a suitable property. This could include opening 100 or more homes for buyers to view.


Term: This is an ongoing agreement that starts today and continues until a home is purchased or Buyers or Impact Real Estate Group cancels this agreement.


Cancellation: Either party may cancel this agreement without penalty with a one week written or emailed notice. Send text cancellation to 714-357-0772 or email cancellation to


Always contact Express Real Estate Group: If buyer decides to place an offer on any home they agree to contact Express Real Estate Group immediately to write and negotiate the offer on Buyers behalf.


Fee: There is no compensation due to Express Real Estate Group aside from the compensation offered through the Multiple Listing Service from the home seller's real estate broker. If buyer purchases any home without Express Real Estate Group the compensation offered through the MLS will be owed to Express Real Estate Group from the Buyers listed on this agreement. [Contact Express Real Estate Group to write and negotiate all offers to purchase any property and you will never have to pay for Express Real Estate Group services.]


For Sale By Owner Homes: If Buyer finds a home that is not listed for sale in the Multiple Listing Service then Buyer will give Express Real Estate Group the opportunity to communicate with the home seller to reach an agreement, and negotiate a fee, to assist both buyers and sellers in facilitating the purchase and sale successfully. If Express Real Estate Group is unsuccessful at negotiating an agreement with the home seller then Buyers have the right to cancel this agreement as stated above and work directly with the For Sale By Owner home seller. [Because no fee is offered, no fee will be due to Express Real Estate Group from the Buyers].

New Construction Homes. Buyers acknowledge that it is always best to have Express Real Estate Group join them on the first trip to a new construction development to register Buyers as their contracted Agent and provide guidance. This is preferred but not required. 


Other Buyers: Buyers understand that Express Real Estate Group is working with other Buyers and may show the same homes to their other buyers who may ultimately place an offer and compete directly against Buyers listed on this agreement to also purchase a particular home.


I have read, understand and agree.


Signed ________________________________________________________ Buyer _____________ Date


Signed ________________________________________________________ Buyer _____________ Date


Signed _________________________________________________________EXPRESS ____________ Date

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