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Marketing Your Home for All It's Worth!
Impact Real Estate Group marketing a home for sale in Fullerton California.
Massive Marketing for Massive Impact

If you are going to get maximum market value and the best terms when you sell you need ALL the buyers to know about your house immediately when it comes on the market.


Our extensive marketing plan includes professional photography and videos, fliers, signage and a huge online presence which ensures that every "Real" Buyer for your home knows about the house, usually within hours.

Dominating the Internet

Your home will be seen on literally hundreds and hundreds of consumer based websites. This includes all of the big ones like: The Multiple Listing Service, Zillow, HomeSnap, HomeFinder,, HomeGain, Trulia, Househunter, Redfin and many others. Also, because of the cooperative nature of the real estate community your home will be appearing on all of the well known corporate real estate company websites like Remax, First Team, Coldwell Banker and more.


Your home will even appear on all websites of local real estate agents that you know in town. Our marketing plan ensures that anywhere a home buyer is looking for a home like yours online, you will be there. With Impact Real Estate Group the marketing of your home is scheduled, complete, immediate and impactful.

Homes for sale are marketed to the entire world by Impact Real Estate Group in Fullerton California.
Marketing your home.

Marketing your home for maximum value is not just part of our business… It is our business!


This is truly where we excel. We use powerful marketing elements like professional photography, videos, unique signage, flyers and our exclusive home selling methods to compress the entire home buying market, and pull the buyers into your house in just a few days.


This ensures that your home is not only seen by the home buyers, but that they do whatever it takes to get over to your house and see it right away.

Impact Real Estate Group's Marketin plan includes Professional Photography.
A happy Fullerton CA couple selling their home for the absolute maximum price
No cost if you don't sell.

There is also no cost if you change your mind and decide not to sell your house.


Change is a part of life and sometimes changing your mind can be a part of a real estate transaction. If you change your mind about selling your house you can just cancel the agreement.


We won’t charge you for any of the work we’ve done. Marketing your house for all it’s worth is our job. Even if you decide not to sell it.

Fullerton Home Sold for maximum value.
Market compression is the key

We think that most people would prefer to compress these time frames and schedule the showings in advance if possible.


Because our system ensures that all the “Real” Buyers know about your house within hours your house can be sold quickly and for maximum market value. 

When we meet with you to talk about selling your house all of our marketing secrets will be revealed. 

A safe and secure way to sell a home.

There is no risk when you sell your home with Express Real Estate Group.


While most real estate agents try to lock you into long term listing contracts that you can’t get out of we give you a written 100% Cancellation Guarantee right up front.


There are no long term listing contracts when you sell with us because you can cancel your agreement anytime.

Fullerton California home sold for the highest price by Impact Real Estate Group.
Fast and convenient home selling

Who wants to sit on the market for months and months waiting for an offer?


With other real estate companies selling your house is a pain. You have to give up your freedom and privacy to the world, sometimes for months. You need to keep the house clean and ready for strangers to show up and look through it all the time, often interrupting meals and family time... Fortunately there is a better way.

Impact Real Estate Group in Fullerton California finds surprises and hidden costs before they are an issue.
Avoiding surprises

Our system also takes into account the hidden costs of sale and addresses them before they ever cost you a dime.


We have been part of many real estate transactions so we know which items tend to come up again and again.


We know where these surprises and hidden costs of sale can be. So we do our best to identify them and remove them before they ever become an issue.

But wait... There's more.

There are many other items that will be taken into consideration when preparing your house for sale. When we meet about selling your house will figure them out together. 

Be sure to get started on our Free Neighborhood Report Service so you can be aware of the market as you get ready to sell your house. 

Impact Real Estate Group in Fullerton California takes care of everything for a homeseller.

With questions or to set a time to meet.

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