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Having trouble paying the mortgage?
Here are some options:
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The Equity Creator.

We turn homes that owe more than they are worth (are upside down on value) into equity rich properties by negotiating home loans, credit cards and other debts down to pennies on the dollar so you can then sell the home, put money in your pocket and avoid a Foreclosure, Short Sale or Bankruptcy.


The equity creator program is perfect for people with multiple debts, House loans, Credit Card debts, lines of credit, etc, etc… especially if you are considering bankruptcy. When we have a client that fits this profile we negotiate with all of the loans, credit card companies, lines of credit to reduce the amount that they owe to sometimes pennies on the dollar. Once an agreement is reached with all the loans the house is sold and all the loans are paid off. Most people get out of the house with money and avoid foreclosure, short sale and bankruptcy. People are often able to purchase another home about two years later. 


Loan Modification. 

Keep the house with a loan modification. We have one of the best bank negotiators in California working with us and she can guide you through the loan process or help you with it at no cost to you.


Weekend Home Sale.

If the house is worth more than you owe you can sell the property and keep the money. We make it easy on you with our Weekend Home Selling process. This is how we sell homes with a single weekend of showings for more than homes are worth. We are also able to get our clients time after sale in the home for free, we sell homes in AS IS condition and we can even get you the ability to take what you want and leave the rest behind without cost. 

This method has been used hundreds and hundreds of times, in every market condition and on every type of home. The best part of The Weekend Home Sale is that you get to see all the offers from all the buyers within a few days and decide if you want to sell the property or not. 


Short Sale.

If you owe more than the property is worth our bank negotiator will negotiate with the bank to take less than is owed and you sell the house with zero cost to you. 


Cash Buyers.

Get out easy with a cash offer from one or more of our investors. We maintain relationships with many cash investors who will buy your property in As Is condition, then let you take what you want and leave the rest behind. They will even give you a few weeks up to a few months in the house for free after the house is sold if you need it. This is usually the fastest and easiest solution but it is not usually the most money.


Investor takes over payments.

We have investors who will pay any money owed on the property, take over the payments and (often) even pay you money every month as well. This allows you to be in good standing with the bank and start rebuilding your credit immediately. This fast and easy method allows you to sell the house for the highest price possible, without any closing costs or real estate agent fees, and get out of the property with zero cost to you.

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