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Different methods of

selling homes

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There are many different ways to sell a home for maximum value.

Here are a few methods we use commonly...

Start the price high
and reduce over time.

This is a pretty common method of selling and it is best for homes that don't have lots of kids and pets, or people with lives living in them.


This is best if:

• The market is going up.

• You're in no hurry.

• You're house is always ready to show.

• You're okay with people stopping by often.

Then this is might be a good strategy for you.


Because our marketing methods reach every "Real" Buyer in the price range within a few days there is no reason to be stuck on a price for more than a week or so.  After that, all the buyers will have seen it online and decided to view it or not. At this point you are either waiting for the market to go up in value, or for new buyers to come into the market. 


If you are not in a hurry you can keep it where it is and see if the market shifts in your favor. If you are in a hurry to sell then you should reduce the price and give it another week. This will immediatly put it in front of all the same buyers again as well as all the buyers in the new price range. 


This is an excellent strategy in a rising market. However, this can be home selling suicide in a declining market.

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Fullerton CA home sold for maximum price by Impact Real Estate Group.
Home for Sale in Fullerton California.
Home seller family with boxes who sold their Fullerton home for the highest price.
Fullerton California home seller puppy.
Imagine a predictable, convenient method of selling your home that still gets Maximum Market Value and that attracts every home buyer looking for a home like yours with only two to three days of scheduled showings.

These same home selling systems have been used to sell hundreds and hundreds of homes for Maximum Market Value in every kind of market condition. They have been used to sell every kind of home, from tiny condos to regular tract homes, to multimillion dollar estate properties.


This super convenient method of home selling is perfect for homes with lots of pets and kids or just for people who don't want to sit on the market for months and months but still need to get the highest price and best terms possible.

The secret is in the massive marketing plan we institute for your home that attracts all of the home buyers looking for a home like yours during one of the showing times.


Contact Us to meet and discuss all of the secrets to our impactful marketing methods. 

The CASH Home Sale.

This is a method that we may recommend for homes that are trashed, have structural issues, or need major repairs or updating.


When we do this type of sale we have all of the cash buyers  looking for a house like yours show up over a weekend to view the property and make an offer on it. This is how we get multiple cash buyers to compete against each other to pay you the absolute highest cash price possible for your house.  


Because they are paying cash the transaction can close quickly, as little as three to seven days is possible in some cases. Ten days to two weeks is normal. Watch Video



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Home seller in Fullerton California deciding which way is best to sell their home with Impact Real Estate Group.
Which way is best for you?

When you are selling your home you want to get the absolute maximum price for it. You also want the minimal amount of hassle and the best terms you can achieve. Our unique and tested methods of selling homes will do all of this and more.

How we recommend selling your house will depend on your house and your specific needs.

CONTACT US to discuss your situation. There is no cost or obligation for the consultation.

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