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"When CASH Buyers Compete... You Win."



Get Multiple Cash Offers in a Weekend!

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Get CASH Buyers To Compete!

The benefits of selling for CASH

Reasons people sell for Cash:

  • Sell fast

  • No hassle

  • Leave whatever you want behind

  • The house is trashed

  • Structural problems

  • Termite infestations

  • Major repairs needed

  • Occupied by a hoarder

  • Tired of being a landlord

  • Save on real estate fees

  • Fire damage

  • Flood damage

  • Trust property

  • Facing foreclosures 

  • etc, etc, etc...

All of these could be good reasons to sell your house for Cash. Usually it's to a cash investor or home flipper who offers you quick Cash for a quick close. 

The only problem is that you never know if you got the maximum Cash price for your house. 
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Be Aware

Most Cash Buyers try to get into your house quickly and secure an agreement before any other buyers can find out about it and compete against them.

How can you know?

Unfortunately most home sellers don't know what the true cash value of their house is so they end up selling it to the first cash offer that comes along. They never really know if they got the best price for the house or not. 

Finally, there is a better way to sell your home for CASH!

The Solution

Now there's a way to sell that gives you all the benefits of selling your home for CASH but with the added benefit of knowing that you got the absolute Maximum CASH Price for it!

Introducing The CASH Home Sale
Competition is key

All the CASH Buyers looking for a house like yours compete against each other to pay you the Maximum Cash Price for it... and it only takes a single weekend!


Our massive marketing system ensures that every Real Cash Buyer for your house (and every Real Buyer with a loan) knows about it within hours. They all show up to preview it on the one weekend that we hold the open houses and they make their offers.

Get Multiple CASH Offers

You get to see all the offers that are made on your house and pick the best one for you. You'll get to see the top CASH offers, and if you want, you can see all of the top offers from buyers with loans as well.

You'll know

This way you know exactly what the house is worth to all the different types of buyers. Then you can make the best choice for your situation. 

Works for any type of home

This process works for any type of home regardless of how bad it looks. Even if there are major structural problems, repairs that need to be done, or piles of junk.


In fact, the worse shape the home is in the better this process works for getting all the CASH Buyers and house flippers to the house. 

Keep your money

So if you're going to sell your house for Cash don't leave any money on the table

...or the floor, or the couch, or the fireplace or hanging from the blinds, or anywhere else. 


It's your money. Let's get it in your bank account where it belongs.



Maximum CASH Price

in a weekend!

  • No obligation to ever sell your house at any price.
  • No cost for our services if you decide not to sell.
  • No longterm listing contracts.
  • Cancel anytime. 
  • No For Sale sign needed.

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