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The Future of Selling Homes
is Happening Right Now!
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Family in Fullerton California who just sold their home with Impact Real Estate Group.
No Long Term Listing Contracts
No Cost if you don't sell
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Getting highest price…  

and meeting your needs.

Every home seller has specific needs. 


Highest price is always considered to be a top priority, and our massive marketing plan ensures that every time.


...But what if you have other needs besides just top dollar?

A happy family working with Impact Real Estate Group in Fullerton California.
Need time?

What if you want a little extra time in the house after you sell to pack or finish up some work on your new home?


This is not automatically included in the purchase agreement and must be negotiated into the transaction.


You would be shocked to find out how many real estate agents ignore this item during the negotiations and then are surprised when the buyer shows up demanding access to the house the day that escrow closes.

Impact Real Estate Group in North Orange County CA gets home sellers the time they need after selling their home.
In Fullerton California Impact Real Estate Group knows how to sell homes as is.
Sell "AS IS"

Maybe you want to sell your home in AS IS condition and not have to hassle with making any repairs for the new buyer.


This can be a huge problem later if this item is not fully clarified during the negotiations and even end up in a lawsuit. 

We know how to handle this and the exact moment to do it. 

Buying and selling?

What if you are buying a home and selling another home at the same time?


Most people want their new home and their current home to close escrow at the same time so they don’t end up with two mortgages for any length of time.


This can lead to all kinds of problems later if it is not clarified in writing during negotiations with your buyer.

A specialty of Impact Real Estate Group in Orange County California is helping home sellers buy and sell a home.
There are hundreds of important items that must be addressed in a real estate transaction. Impact Real Estate Group in Fullerton California will take care of all of them.
Many other items

These are just a few of about a hundred other possible sub-goals you may have, besides, just maximum market value when you sell.


The time to handle them is long before a buyer shows up with an offer. 

Working together
to meet all your goals


Our system ensures that we will work together to identify most every goal you have when you are selling.


Then we will negotiate them during your single moment of absolute highest negotiating position. This is the only time to do it. One minute later, and it’s too late.

Unfortunately most Realtors have no idea when that moment is or how to maximize the potential of it. 

Ensuring that you get maximum value for your house and the terms you need is all about careful planning during the preparation faze, and this happens long before the house is on the market.

Impact Real Estate Group in Fullerton California working together with home sellers.
Closing a home in Placentia California with Impact Real Estate Group.
Let's meet!

If you will be selling your house in the next few months now is the time to meet and have us take a look at your house and recommend the method that will sell your home for the most money.

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Impact Real Estate Group saves home seller's money.
Don't be a learning experience. 

Selling your house is too important to just hire a family member or friend with a real estate license to sell your house for you. The discount that they offer you could cost you dearly.


We know, we’ve seen it over and over, a family member or a friend from church or work makes you feel obligated to hire them to sell your house, but is it really worth the tens of thousands of dollars that it could cost you if you hire a less experienced agent? Or the lost sleep and problems you could face when important items are left out of the negotiations What about the time and hassle of going to court over some simple item that an experienced agent would have seen a mile away? Don’t be a learning experience for a friend or family member with a license. 

Contact Rex now to schedule a time for an interview about selling your property.  Contact Rex

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Every time a house comes up For Sale, goes into Escrow, or is Sold you’ll get an email with all the information about it. This will include photos, price, description, maps and so much more. The Free Neighborhood Report Service is a super convenient way to stay informed about the real estate market while you get prepared to sell.

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