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Finally!... A Better Way to Buy a Home.

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NEW! - Dream Home program gets home buyers to the best homes BEFORE they are on the market!

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Attention Shoppers

While we are great at selling homes, we are also amazing to work with when you need to

Buy a home.


Because we have worked with so many home sellers we have been able to develop a much better method of helping you find a great home without any pressure. 

house for sale
Finally! a better way to BUY a home.

When you are looking for the perfect home the last thing you need is pressure from some real estate agent trying to get you to buy a house. Unfortunately this is probably the first thing you will run into when you start your home shopping experience.


For some reason the real estate community still has not figured out that pressuring someone to buy a home simply doesn’t make sense. Buying a home is too long of a process with too much money on the line and way too many opportunities for any less-than-committed home buyer to back out. In real estate, high pressure sales techniques just set everyone up to fail. So we don't do it. 

It’s not like the TV shows.

HGTV and other home buying shows have given people the idea that finding the perfect home is a one to two day event.


In these “non-reality” shows a real estate agent picks three homes to show the buyer and they have long discussions about each home and then they pick one.


This is ridiculous. We guarantee you that Realtors across the nation screaming at their televisions when they watch these shows.

home buyer in Fullerton California
Home buyer in Orange County California.
How many homes does it take?

It might actually take seeing thousands of homes online and then physically walking into 50 or 100 homes before a home buyer is ready to buy a house.


After seeing all those crummy, dirty, overpriced homes the perfect home is always easy to recognize. When it does finally appear no pressure is necessary because the home buyer often bursts into tears, throw their hands in the air and say, "Finally!" They will even sometimes say, “Let’s make an offer,” before they have even seen the whole house.


When you walk into the perfect home usually you’ll know it within the first few steps. The only way to get to this point is to see a lot of crummy houses. That’s how you find your perfect home.

The Reality of home buying

Unfortunately the TV home buying experience and the actual home buying experience are quite a bit different.

In fact, it's not uncommon for a home buyer to walk three feet into a house and run back out the door. There is no need for discussions about the positive and negative aspects of the home, the terror in their face says it all.


Sometimes we will drive up to a house and the buyer will say they would never live in the neighborhood, so we drive right past the house without ever getting out of the car.


That’s the way home buying works in the real world and it would probably make a terrible TV show.

Brea California Home seller family.
What you need to find the perfect home:


1- A search set up on the internet set up that automatically sends you all the new homes matching your specific criteria (price range, area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of house and lot, amenities, etc,) every day. We will meet with you in our office and set you up on this system and show you how to use it if you don't already have one.


2- The ability to modify your search criteria quickly as you refine your search. It is common to narrow down the area, type of home, price range, amenities, etc, during the home finding process and you want to be able to do this immediately when you come to a new awareness.


3- Access to all homes right away when you find the ones you want to see. That’s why we simply open doors... door, after door, after door.


4- A loan approval. This will help you know exactly what price home to shop for, how much down payment you will need, and what the monthly payments will be when you buy your home. We will put you in touch with our loan people if you don’t have your own already and encourage you to get other options right away from other lenders. Our loan people will even look at all the other options that you get and tell you the benefits and drawbacks of each of them if you like.  Also, if there is something that needs to be fixed on your credit report, or anything else, the time to find out about it is before you start doing any serious home shopping.

5- A Realtor or a Real Estate Group to open the doors for you and help you buy your home. That’s where we come in.

Cancel anytime

We have an agreement that you will need to approve to hire us and our agreements are 100% cancellable. If you change your mind about working with us for any reason simply send us an email letting us know that you are cancelling and one week later it will be cancelled. The one week is so we have an opportunity to fix a problem if it is possible.

There is no cost to you.

There is no charge to a home buyer when you work with us, or any Realtor, to find and buy your house because the home seller almost always pays the real estate fees for both agents. It's part of the standard real estate agreement.

No cost if you decided not to buy

There is also no cost if you change your mind and decide not to buy a house. We will open literally hundreds of doors for you if necessary and spend as many hours as it takes to help you find the perfect home and if you change your mind about buying we will just say, “Thank you,” and “Let us know if anything changes.”


The exception

The only exception to that might be a home that is offered For Sale By Owner.


These home sellers are typically not working with a real estate company and probably do not have an agreement to pay the real estate fees. If this is the case you can simply work with them directly if you wish and there will be no cost to you. Or you can let us talk with the home seller directly on your behalf to arrange a showing and see if they are open to paying the fee to help everyone bring the transaction to a successful close of escrow if you decide to buy it.


Most home sellers are not Realtors and need someone to help everyone through the process and the paperwork, and keep everyone out of court later.


In our experience most home sellers are more than happy to pay a fee to have a knowledgeable real estate professional help them sell their home.


If not, you can simply cancel our agreement and work with the home seller directly to buy the house. It’s all in our agreement.

Read over the agreement which is what you will need to approve to hire us to help you find your home.


Then Contact Us to set a time to meet and let's start shopping.

Remember... it's shopping!

We can help you with all of these items and make the entire home buying process simple, easy and fun... After all, it is shopping! Shopping is supposed to be fun.


To ensure that you have a successful and pressure free home buying experience we will commit to opening as many doors as necessary to help you find and buy the perfect home. All we ask is that you work with us exclusively to find and buy your home.


You can even cancel anytime without cost if you decide not to buy or don’t like the service you are getting.

A common misconception

People often think that they will have a better chance of finding the perfect home if they work with lots of real estate agents. This is actually the worst way to find a home.


It is common for home buyers to say to real estate agents, "Let me know if you see a great home." The reality is that most Realtors are super busy. They have their own home buyer clients who they are committed to helping find and buy a home. They just can’t remember anyone else.


If a great home comes up and an agent finds out about it they will probably tell their own buyer clients about it immediately and no one else.


When you work with lots of agents you will simply have lots of agents doing nothing for you. That’s why the best way to find the perfect home at the best price is to commit to one real estate group who is committed to helping you find it.

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Know how to buy a home.
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