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The Ultimate

Home Seller Guide

Don't list your house until you read this book!

Home selling expert, Rex Riffel with his groundbreaking book, The Ultimate Home Seller Guide that shows home sellers how to sell their home for th highest price.
The Ultimate Home Seller Guide could easily add thousands to your bottom line return when you sell.

What's in the book?


  • Learn the one single moment when the home seller has all the negotiating power and how to maximize it.

  • Know the secrets that maximize value of your home and ensure that every "Real" Buyer knows about it within hours.

  • Sell your home in "As Is" condition.


  • Get extra time in your house after sale.

  • Learn the the common hidden costs of sale and how to avoid them.       

  • ...and so much more.

The information in this book was developed over years of home selling experience and has been used to sell hundreds of homes for maximum value. Now you can use the information in this book to make the sale of your house easier and more profitable. 

Get a FREE copy of this valuable book when you meet with Rex about selling your home.

There is never any cost or any obligation to list your house when you meet with Impact Real Estate Group. 

Note: We are only able to offer this book to home owners who are not currently listed for sale with another real estate company.

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