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Rex Wants You To Tell On A Friend.

Welcome to the $500 club. 

Here's how it works.

Basically just text or email us the name, phone number and email (if you have it) of anyone you know who will be buying or selling real estate in the future.


They should already be thinking about buying or selling real estate and it would be best if you told them that we will be contacting them. If not it's okay, we'll still contact them, it's just weird when some stranger calls them about real estate out of the blue.


It would also be best if we can use your name and tell them that you told us to contact them. Again, if not, it's okay, it's just easier if we can say someone told us to call them. 

When someone tells you they are thinking about buying or selling you can just say, "I'm going to have Rex contact you. I heard he is great. 

You can even snitch on yourself if you like. You'll still get the $500.

Finally, it's going to be first snitch gets the prize. There may be other snitches out there working for me so don't hesitate if you hear about someone interested in Real Estate.

Thanks for telling on your friends I know that they will thank you later for it. We really are very good at helping people buy and sell Real Estate. 

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Rex Riffel
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