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Homes Sold in a Weekend

For More Than They're Worth!

House with Rex and Sue Sold.jpg
With the Weekend Home Sale

Now there is a way to sell your home that eliminates the time and hassle of traditional home selling methods and gets tens of thousands of dollars more in just a weekend. It’s called The Weekend Sale and it may be the most convenient and effective way to sell a home ever developed. 

Get tens of thousands of dollars more

Created by Real Estate Brokers, Rex Riffel and Sue Mehta, the Weekend Sale is powered by a massive marketing program that reaches every real buyer for a house almost immediately. 


The system then compresses the entire home buying market into just two days. “We get all the real buyers though the house in just a weekend and then it's done,” says Sue. "It's the most convenient and profitable way to sell a property."



Express-offers are made on a cutting edge digital platform that only takes three minutes. This allows the Express Real Estate / One Realty Team to scan the top offers and call in the best ones quickly. 

It works on any home


According to the creators of the Weekend Sale, it works on any home, and in any price range. Recent sales include a large home that sold for over $1.6 million in a single weekend, a condo that sold for more than any other similar condo in the complex, and a fixer upper that netted the home seller $50,000 over market value as compared to other similar offers competing for the house. 


“It really is an amazing way to sell a home,” says Rex, “and anyone who’s serious about selling their house and getting the most money for it should definitely meet with us before they list their house. This method of selling homes just might be the future of real estate.”

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